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tv   11 News  NBC  January 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal. >> it was just a few months ago when the baltimore city police department late three members to rest. today, police officers were killed when they tried to break up a fight. >> sources close to the investigation have identified the police officer. they say he is an eight year veteran of the police department. police officers responded to a large fight at the corner of howard. officers were trying to break up the fight. according to sources familiar
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with the investigation, some guys were trying to attach the officer. a nearby police officer did not realize he was also an officer and shot him. two people died, including a police ulcer and an unidentified civilian. -- police officer and an unidentified civilian. >> we have police officers on the case interviewing witnesses and processing evidence. we have a ton of work to do to put together the facts of what happened here. the mayor has described this as a horrible incident. she has read -- she has encouraged people to pray for those involved. live outside police headquarters, wbal news.
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>> we have heard from dozens of you on our facebook page. my prayers go out to the family of those who passed away. this reminds us that police officers put their lives on the line every time they go to work. someone else wrote this. you can leave your comments on our facebook page. there will be more of them tonight at 11:00 p.m. and now to arizona. a shooting rampage has wounded 18 people and killed six people, including -- >> according to the federal documents filed this afternoon, a search of the suspect's home
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turned up an envelope. the suspected gunmen, 20--- 22- year-old jared loughner, was charged with attempted assassination. the envelope contained messages indicating he planned the attack in advance. but any activity had -- >> we will be looking at his associates to determine if they present aa threat. a conference call with the sergeant at arms of the house of representatives was held to determine the security needs. the shooting has some speculating about whether the political rhetoric of recent
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months has reached dangerous levels. >> the phrase, don't retreat, reload, putting cross hairs on congressional districts as targets, these things in by the kind of toxic activities. >> be careful to interpret the motives of a group of americans. many lawmakers say they will not let this tragedy stop them from meeting with constituents. they are taking another look at security. on wednesday, members of the house will meet with capital police to receive additional recommendations. >> police now say jared loughner acted alone. another man who was questioned was the cab drivers who dropped him off at the store. this morning, a senator wait --
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weighed in on the tragedy. >> this was not just a tragedy for our country, the whole democracy was victimized. this person jeopardized our system. we posted reaction from lawmakers on our web site, president obama has ordered a moment of silent -- a moment of silence tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. our coverage at the tragedy in tucson continues in following this newscast with a one hour newscast at 7:00 p.m. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a deadly fire. they found a woman's body on the floor, a dog, and a cat. one firefighter suffered minor
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born -- minor burns and was taken to a hospital. city police perform routine searches today at the state park along the howard and baltimore counties state line. a memorial is being held for felicia. a live picture from the service which is being strained - streamed live to develop awareness. and now to some good news. the ravens got the job done today in kansas city, blowing out the chiefs. that was a good thing. >> a pleasant diversion. a few moments of concern on the field. five turnovers.
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we pick up the first quarter. charles is a good running back. he has a birth to going through the raven's defense. kc had a 7-3 lead. rice walks in. baltimore takes a 10-7 lead. they would never relinquish it. even though he had plenty of time to throw, landry stepping in front of it. he returns it all the way down. he will not be stopped. the drive continued in excellent form. up high to bolden.
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that made it 23-7. best gamethe ravens' this season. >> obviously, joe has a lot of fun doing this. that is what he likes to do. he can make any throat. he was having a lot of fun and everybody else was having a lot of fun. >> a terribly emotional day for ed reed. he took the field knowing the search for his younger brother had been called off. a full recap and a deep look at around three next week. >> thank you. we will see you back here with more in just a bit. the newest technology was on
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stage in las vegas. >> some cold temperatures in the immediate weather future.
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>> 3-d gadgets are one of the hottest categories at the consumer electronics show. they are getting better and bigger. our reporter gives us a look. >> the consumer electronics show is all about images, big ones, little ones, televisions that are connected and televisions that come in 3-d. >> unbelievable. it looks great. >> major players are all
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fighting to create the desire for 3-d television sets. >> when the cost goes down is when it will arrive. i do not think it is affordable yet for most consumers. but one of the challenges of getting people to buy in to 3-d television is time. what if you took your home movies and put them in 3-d? >> if you take personal movies of your baby being born in 3-d, that changes the game a little bit. >> sony introduces the 3-d camcorder. they are part of the charge to link your big screen to the internet. >> watching a football game and searching your fantasy football game statistics it a compelling value proposition. >> ravens headed home from kansas city tonight. they are headed home with another win.
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they stay alive in the playoffs for another week. >> the weather is cold here. down south, storms coming our way.
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♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a storm developing in the gulf of mexico. it has a lot of moisture with it. this will be coming up the coast over the next two days. we will see what happens. that look at our weather today. 35 was the high at the airport. no precipitation today. temperatures now around 30 degrees give or take a few. it is beginning to fall into
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the mid 20's out west. here is a satellite image showing clear skies ahead. clouds in southern west virginia, kentucky, tennessee. that is from the storm beginning to develop. it moves toward the atlantic and comes up the coast. there is a disturbance that will be coming out of the great lakes. how soon they come together is important. if the storm gets stronger after it passes us or before it gets here, that is the key. there are a lot of unknowns. it is coming our way. tuesday looks like the target date. 15-19 the overnight low. the windchill factor will not be quite as much as it was today. it was in the 30's, but it did not feel like it.
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we take a look at our futurecast. clouds coming in during the day. monday remains a dry day. koran daybreak on tuesday, there is a mix of snow and precipitation with the storm as it comes in. most of the day tuesday, we are under some threat of precipitation. by wednesday morning, the storm will be pulling away. it looks like the storm will be much worse off to our ne. the totals? this is a guess. less than six inches around baltimore. there will be an element of ice with this, too. the seven-day forecast, 33 today. the 82 on tuesday with a good chance of snow in the area -- 32
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on tuesday with a good chance of snow in the area. we will finish out the week relatively dry. >> on the road again. that is good. [ male announcer ] with fios you can start a movie in here...
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put it alley together. ravens had a blowout win and nobody had to sweat it out. ray lewis fired up. the first drive of the game. to bolden. he is pretty good.
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you may want to think about covering him. 27 yards. flacco. the game of his career may be. flacco sacked and fumbled. a bit of trepidation. charles a big sprint champion. you can see why. 41 yards. it is not going as well as everybody planned. the defense is a bit snell -- a bit slow. wilson would leave the game a little shaken up and would not impacted from that point forward.
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reed played well. he needed that hit. his brother disappearing friday and presumed drowned. that set the stage for the ravens going forward from there. flacco for heep. career highs for heep. look left. look right. he walks into the end zone. 10-7 ravens lead at the break. it is a toss to charles. it gets blown up. plenty of company. the offense of kansas city never recovers.
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castle had an awful afternoon despite plenty of time to throw. landry had one of his best games of the season. there was a penalty on the return. flacco. up high for bolden. 23-7 late third quarter. willis on a fourth and one of the middle. a 10-2 game. ed reed receiving aid well earned game ball. >> my brother loves football.
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let's do it, baby. baltimore ravens on three. >> some emotion there. voice of the ravens. >> with the wind in kansas city, the ravens become the only nfl seasons -- nfl team that had 3 winning games consecutively. >> everybody wanted to see these matchups because both teams split the regular season. this is the third one. their only can be one winner at the end. >> the ravens brought experience and an advantage to
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kansas city. after today's win, flacco has tied dan marino for the most wins in a season. in kansas city with the raisins. wbal tv 11 sports. >> more on raven's wrap up tonight.
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>> alright, take us home. >> cold for the next couple of days. it looks like all snow here in baltimore. we will get less than 6 inches. a little more than that in the northeast corner of the state. >> we are getting hit again. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next.
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